Senior Wellness

Granting the Gift of Health to Our Senior Companions: Nurturing Our Aging Animal Friends

As our beloved furry pals venture through the milestones of middle age and gracefully enter their senior years, it’s only natural to harbor concerns about their physical well-being. Ensuring our pets lead long, vibrant lives hinges on proactive healthcare practices.

Detecting the ‘Senior’ Phase: Understanding the Signs

Defining the ‘senior’ status in our canine and feline companions can vary widely. Smaller dog breeds may reach their golden years around seven, whereas cats typically embrace their seniority around the age of 10. Yet, certain larger dog breeds might qualify as seniors as early as five. Consulting your vet helps determine your pet’s life stage based on their breed and size.

Just like humans, aging pets may exhibit signs of aging, manifesting as changes in sight, hearing, taste, and smell. The risk of age-related illnesses amplifies during these years. Despite their resilience, our furry friends adeptly mask discomfort, especially cats, making it crucial to observe subtle shifts signaling potential underlying issues. Keep an eye out for stiffness, alterations in vision, reduced appetite, increased thirst, changes in bathroom habits, diminished activity, and weight fluctuations.

Paving the Way with Preventative Care

Due to their relatively shorter lifespans, pets’ health conditions tend to progress swiftly, jeopardizing their well-being if undetected. While younger pets might suffice with annual check-ups, Big Creek Animal Hospital advocates biannual wellness exams for pets aged seven and above.

Spotting illnesses early on is key to a prolonged, healthy life. Your vet may recommend diagnostic procedures like lab work, blood tests, and imaging to gauge your pet’s health accurately. These results will be thoroughly interpreted and discussed with you.

Senior Wellness Care at Big Creek Animal Hospital

At Big Creek Animal Hospital, our senior wellness package is tailored to cater to your aging pet’s needs, ensuring comprehensive healthcare as they gracefully age. It’s our commitment to go above and beyond in preserving your pet’s well-being throughout their golden years.

What Our clients Are saying

Big Creek has been instrumental in loving & caring for my many senior dogs with Atlanta Boxer Rescue. They take the time to educate me when an ailment needs to be understood. They are always a shoulder to lean on when it is time to say goodbye. So grateful for Big Creek Animal Hospital! ❤️🐾

C. M.

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